Taff Tales

Taff Tales is a fun app using humorous animations created by children. Recommended for players aged six upwards. Watch the entertaining short animations made by young people to tell the story of the development of the communities along the River Taff in an innovative way using the fluid medium of sand and silhouettes combined with timelapse video.

Then see if you can answer the questions to learn more about the history and facts of the River Taff. The app was developed working with young people in communities in Merthyr, Senghenydd and Riverside, Cardiff that are interwoven into an interactive app following the ongoing story of the river from the development of the industry in Merthyr based on the childhood reminiscences of residents who grew up along the river. This app is designed to be used in a classroom, or home setting. It takes approximately 10 minutes to play through the app and can be used as an educational tool by teachers and parents to introduce the subject of the history of the river to children. The app was developed by Gritty Games and funded by the Arts Council of Wales, Caerphilly Arts Development and South Riverside Community Centre, Cardiff.